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Why publish in Isomorph Letters

Isomorph Letters is different from many other scientific journals:
1) Our journal is free
2) The review process is public: the referee’s findings are published together with the article. First, we hope that this procedure will improve scientific discussion and controversy. Secondly, we find anonymous refereeing not easily compatible with what should be the principles of an open science in an open society.
3) Articles in Isomorph Letters must be well readable: not only the experts of the field, but anybody with a University education should be able to understand the articles. Therefore the articles refer to a wider audience as is usually the case in scientific journals. The intent is, to ease interdisciplinary work, and in particular to improve the interaction between University research and Industry and to increase the impact of science on general society.
4) To the best of our knowledge, a journal dedicated to the physics of information does not exist yet.