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Isomorph has succesfully concluded the iGreifer project for Infineon Dresden: the first industrial application of a new method of pattern recognition.

Their problem:  The silicon wafers in a transport wafer must be identified, wrongly places wafers must be identified and also double slotted wafers (two wafers in one slot).

Currently, this is done in a dedicated measurement station with a dedicated robot and a dedicated illumination (infrared radiated from below the carrier): the black shadow of each wafer is seen by the video camera as a straight line, and can therefore easily be detected and classified. In future one would like to observe and evaluate the wafers in the carrier anywhere in the production line, without a dedicated measurement station, particular illumination etc. Ideally, one would like to observe carriers also in movements.

Our solution: We have constructed a system based on linear computing, which allows to photograph the carrier from any chosen direction, under variable light conditions. Our system was shown to be not only more versatile, but also more reliable than the existing state of the art system. The project has been concluded successfully and on shedule. 


We have also successfully finished a project for Qimonda, Dresden:

Their problem: reading heavily damaged bar code on silicon wafers at high speed.

Our solution: We have developed a prototype program, which was able to read bar codes, which were too much damaged to be recognized by the state of the art software. The program is executed on a CELL (IBM)microprocessor .