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Isomorph Cipher

  • From a sample of 1024 keys we select 512. 
  • An exclusive or is applied to them, bit by bit.
  • The resulting key is used to encrypt the plain text.
  • For each new plain text, a new and different set of 512 keys is selected.
  • The list of the keys used for a message is either sent together with the message, or instead sender and receiver can exchange messages in a synchronised way.

in addition, the list of keys can be encrypted

There are 10300 different combinations of 512 out of 1024 keys.
The entire Universe contains only 10100 bits at maximum.

Isomorph Cipher
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In the past, there were various attempts to write similar codes - they were scientifically valid, but not practical.
We provide a detailed discussion of the method and of its security: more details