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IsoStereoCAD example

Included in the trial version of IsoStereoCAD, you'll find some useful example data. This allows to explore the capabilities of IsoStereoCAD without the need to buy a stereo camera system.

From the initial window of IsoStereoCAD, open the "File" menu and choose "Load Stereo Calibration" in order to load an existing calibration file.


Locate on the filesystem the directory where IsoStereoCAD has been installed to (typically "c:\program files\Isomorph\IsoStereoCAD"). Here you'll find a directory called "Example". Double Click on it and select the example file "stereo_system.sca".



Once the calibration file has been loaded, you can proceed to the image processing part. From the main window open the "Project" menu and select "Process Image". A new window will appear.

In this example, instead of providing two stereo photographs, we'll directly load a file containing the result of the 3D reconstruction. Click on the "load" button and select "house_model.iso3d" from the same directory of the calibration file.

Now you can explore all the features of IsoStereoCAD in the analysis interface by just clicking on the "Analyze" button. Please refer to the user manual for further information on the analysis interface usage.