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Solar thermal

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Isomorph srl has concluded its ground breaking work of developing the Linear MIrror technology. The production and further optimisation of the Linear Mirror systems has been handed to Isomorph Production srl. Corrispondingly, the latest developments are to be found on the web site of Isomorph Production srl.

The web pages of Isomorph srl on the development of this exciting new technology here are kept as a historical record :



The Linear Mirror opens a new era in solar technology. It allows to substitute oil and gas, and it is cheaper than oil and gas.

The first Linear Mirror was introduced to the market in 2011, and has shown its reliabilty and its ability to provide thermal energy also at high temperatures (100 °C), also in winter, also north of the Alps and at high altitude. In 2012 it was certified by DIN CERT CO with the Solar Keymark. Now we can offer a new and further improved device:

the  Linear Mirror II