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Linear Mirror I

Since the introduction of the Linear Mirror II, the original device is nominated "Linear Mirror I". When introduced in 2011 to the market, it was already ahead of its time:

  • more efficient and cheaper than traditional devices (solar collector, parabolic mirror) 
  • more intelligent: it protects itself agains snow and hail, and it shuts down when the boiler is hot  

The 24 single mirrors of the linear mirror I have a reflecting surface of 7.7 m2. They provide up to 4.8 kW of heat energy in Italy, and 4.5 kW of heat energy in Germany.

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The Linear Mirror II has a further improved performance. But it is based on the prooven and reliable components of the Linear Mirror I (mirrors, electronics, sensors, absorber).

The principle of functioning of this historical device is demonstrated in this movie. A more detailed scientific discussion can be found in our journal Isomorph Letters. Dimensions are found here.


The linear mirror I has won a number of important awards and achieved public recognition.