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doing phisics, selling results


Information Technology

Based on the physics of information we have developed a new method of pattern recognition.
Our method allows for the first time to:

  • Industrialize artificial vision
  • Define and resolve the fundamental problem of computer vision
  • Scientifically define the term "Understanding" and to make your robots understand what they see like a human being does


Renewable Energies

Current thermal solar energy power plants are very sophisticated and therefore very expensive. We have developed a much cheaper solution. First tests are highly encouraging. Our goal: 2 cent/kWh.

We are the first company, who succeeded to augment the power of a wind turbine by a factor of 2.5 by means of a shroud. Many attempts in the past (Grummann, Vortec, etc) have failed, because fundamental physics laws had been ignored (our shroud does not act as a Venturi tube). The new principle we developed also applies to water turbines (al low heads).